Private Capital Lending, LLC provides hard money loans to
qualified real estate investors in need of capital to fund their
investment projects.

Hard Money Financing

We specialize in providing bridge and flexible financing (“hard money”) as an alternative to traditional bank lending. This type of transitional financing meets the needs of a variety of real estate operators and investors for a 12 or 24 month loan term interest only financing.

Private Mortgage Lending

All combined, our principals have over 70 years of private mortgage lending experience and have built many relationships within a vast network of investors. Following the loan approval process, Private Capital Lending, LLC will continue to service the loans post-funding so that the process continues as seamlessly as possible until maturity.

About Fix & Flip

House flipping or buying a house or property with the intent of selling it for a profit, has been popularized in numerous media outlets. However, the logistics of house flipping is overly simplified in order to produce a half-hour show.

Realistically, the process of a successful fix and flip involves critical decisions and careful analysis from beginning to end in order to reach the expected profit. The lending team at Private Capital Lending has a combined total of over 70 years’ experience in real estate investing and will guide you through the entire process of financing fix and flip projects for maximum profit.

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